Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring is a month closer..

Hoorah- that horrific winter blues month is over and I have found February already bringing a bit of inspiration in to my life.

Well, kinda- I caught a horrific cold- two day of me really feeling sorry for myself, staying in my jammies and enjoying sleep and hot tea.

I also traveled with my husband's college basketball team this week to northern Indiana for a game and the next day traveled to Cincinnati for a game. With a french knot rug I am working in my travel box, off I went. Lots of stitches were made and I love basketball victories.

My husband is a cancer survivor and this is the time of year when college basketball coaches honor
" Jimmy V"and the fight against cancer. Here is a photo from one of the games and the sneakers!
My hubby is the 3rd from the left. He has had 5 cancer surgeries, the best cancer doctor in the world.. and I see no sign in the future to have my husband leaving the game he loves to teach.

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