Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pastry-- cookies extra special

Visit this site for the most wonderful miniature French pastries you will ever see. Two very talented ladies in France have joined forces and their love for miniatures .
You will find delight in reading their delightful blog entries and very quickly go to their online stores.

Carl Bronson, another pastry making genius, is offering another wonderful class at the NAME 2010 convention, French pastries and he has a pastry shop workshop also. I took his chocolate decadence class last year and love making brownies topped with a walnut! In the past I took a class from Sue Ketchum learning how to make breads. So my french food making can begin with loaves of french bread, baguettes and chocolates. It's a beginning.

I was thinking about french scarves too... french perfumes...hmmmm..lots to think about and look for..

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