Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Continuing to honor President's Day

To continue honoring President's Day, I wanted to share this link with you which takes you to a visit to Mt Vernon and wonderful pictures and explanations of this dollhouse replica of Mt. Vernon. Above is the real Mt. Vernon...

Two years ago, I lived approximately 30 miles from Mt. Vernon. I could see the Potomac River from my home in Occoquan. I was a member of the Mt. Vernon Miniature CLub, a marvelous group of NAME miniaturists who I miss very much.
Mt. Vernon has gone under a wonderful renovation and the visitor center is grand. Everytime I visited it, I learned something new about George and Martha ( by the way, the restaurant there serves wonderful lunches.)
I found this site by searching for George Washington clothes... I want to try and make a replica of his coat for a grand and large two room -roombox Williamsburg style I have.


About this third page of Mount Vernon photos and comments .... it is all about the delightful doll house size replica of Mount Vernon that is located on the Mount Vernon estate in the Ford Orientation Center.

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