Thursday, October 29, 2009

A weekend for treats

The perfection of a fall day!

mini halloween candy by Donna who was in by Chocolate Decadence class
at the NAME convention this past summer.

The last few mini pictures to celebrate
I end the National Month of Dollhouse Miniatures with the delights of autumn days and nights, a weekend filled with treats

and onto a month which I always have loved

- November

I love it for all the memories it has given me and for the memories yet to come.
I love it because I love sweaters- I know I own a hundred sweaters - nothing like a turtle neck, cashmere sweater and a plaid skirt to wear on a crisp fall day.
I love this month for it brings crisp apples to eat, beautiful mums, a fire in the fireplace, hot apple cider, my stack of books bought during the summer just for my fall reading. To me November is a month of peace/quiet/softness as it prepares us for the harshness of WINTER!

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