Monday, October 19, 2009


Ten days of participating in a festival is a long time.. especially when 4 days are rainy- 4 days very cold and of course the very last day , the sun appears bringing warmth and the crowds.

I am happy to say all but 2 of my Santas and 1 witch came home with me.. that's ok, because the one witch I really wanted for myself. I was also invited to participate in an upcoming Indianapolis- Junior League event , meet some wonderful people and over 20,000 plus people looked at my miniature display. Now , I think I did a great job of sharing my miniature projects and celebrating October's National Dollhouse Miniature Month. I decided , at the last moment to take a few projects and the comments from people were wonderful. They stood in awe, asked lots of questions ( men especially) and I even think I found a new young lady who will join NAME. Most people think- oh, a dollhouse person, but they quickly changed their oponions and recognized that it is a very special world of very talented people.

Now, I have to make up for the days of posting I missed... and back to the studio for getting ready for one more art show!

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Raggedy Kingdom said...

So glad you're home. Missed your postings. I have carried the National Dollhouse Miniature Month banner while you were gone.

Sheila in Key West