Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How creative some people can be...

For me, Christmas is always around the corner..for I deal with Santa on a daily basis.. I found these charming ,handcrafted minis on a picture search - looking for elves. I have been asked to sculpt a pair of elves who work in a candy cane factory. I needed some inspiration as no elves have knocked on my studio door. This is the last commission piece I can accept for this Christmas , I am committed to studio work until Dec. 15th . I then am going to turn my attention to a marvelous, Bluette Mooney shop . I plan on exhibiting it at the 2011 NAME convention in Cleveland.

Back to the use of simple, inexpensive supplies and what one can create. The miniature world can be enjoyed by any one, on any budget. These photographs prove it. I just love what they have done!

Take a close look how simple items were turned into a very delightful miniature room setting.
All items made by Mini Things of Pennsylvania. Check out their website for some very charming ideas, make a purchase too!

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