Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I wish my camera did the Santas justice- they are wonderful in real life. Meaning- guess I buy a better camera for closeup shots.
This is the next Santa.. still working with a bit of a primitive look and I am trying to decide do I switch to the really smooth sculpture look. I am pulling vintage fabrics from my collection and will be working on another size of Santa head tomorrow.
I have 600 plus winter scarves to crochet, 600 miniature Dorito bags, 600 Nacho bags and 600 cracker jack boxes to begin on too for my National Convention tote bag favors.
I am also working on 10 mini crochet winter scarves with a bit of a "Mary Englebreit" flair.
more photos..

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Sandy Kessler said...

You are like me- I never feel that my camera really captures. Hope you will receive a camera gift some day - me too not soon but some day !!I like your time for you - you wrote about. -out of the glare so to speak. It's special. After all you have done THAT to the top of the mountain..sk