Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I found this old pick up truck at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago,
I am posting it so another miniaturist can see it as she wants to recreate times when an old pick up truck was filled with pumpkins, vegetables. Hey, I still see that here in my new home in Kentucky. In fact, at the corner of the road today is a man selling pumpkins from his old pickup truck.
I have not decided what my truck will be hauling- I was thinking about christmas trees for the holidays but I love the idea of farm baskets filled with vegetables going to the local Farmer's Market.

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i beati said...

maybe change it every season. My friends in N. C. collect the real trucks square front international pick ups 1 red for her 1 green for him. they drive them to competitions. Out near Fletcher NC Waynesville where that office lady moved- splendid hunting of goodies(may have gone up in price now)Wonder about WVA turned cool in Fl for 2 whole days ahahah