Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Charm Bracelets

I have been working on a "Witch" character for an upcoming art show and was looking for a silver charm I had bought, knowing it would be perfect " a silver key to the Dungeon". DISTRACTION TIME- to look at my own charm bracelets ( get that MORE THAN ONE)
These bracelets reveal pieces of my life, moments that were important to me as a teenager, a college student, a woman in love, a wife, a mother and friend. That's really what a charm bracelet is, I suppose, a miniature storybook of one's life.

Bracelet Number 1- really has every link filled with a charm- my whole high school and college life in tiny silver charms. Charms from my family members, my friends ( one from my best friend who no longer is alive) ,charms which make me sigh.

Bracelet Number 2 - my mother's charm bracelet- if I only knew the story about each charm.

Bracelet Number 3 - a most interesting charm bracelet- GOLD charms- from my husband and son.. I love it-I cherish it- tells the story beginning in 1980 and still is being filled. Charms with diamonds, charms with emeralds, charms that make me cry because of the memory behind it.

Bracelet Number 4 - Silver- well, gold charms are VERY EXPENSIVE at times, so my husband and son had to start one that was always affordable- you know the charm from Williamsburg,Virginia; the charm from Chicago. the charm for halloween, the charm of cherries because I love Mary Englebreit, the charm of this and that.. and it is almost filled...

Bracelet Number 5 - Silver --I have not worn it in 29 years- only 11 charms on it.. this bracelet's home is a small silver case.. then I got to really looking at this bracelet.... and you know what I realized ...why did every man I feel in love with ( except one who never gave me any type of gift - ) give me a charm that had to do with golf ? And why did I put them all on one bracelet?
and why did that man never give me a gift...

Bracelet Number 6 - made from charms from Cracker Jack boxes- all saved by my mom! It is filled with colorful charms-charms that make you really smile!

Why do I only wear these bracelets only on special occasions? I should wear them all the time! Why do I love the sound of a charm bracelet when wearing a plaid wool skirt/turtleneck sweater/wearing penny loafers by Bass? Why this and why that.. so here I sit looking at 6 bracelets and still cannot find that miniature key charm I bought for a witch! But I do know this

That really a charm bracelet is a miniature storybook of one's life.

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