Monday, September 28, 2009


Anthea Chrome is the miniature knitter who made the tiny clothing worn by the characters in the new animated movie Coraline. She knits up to 50 stitches per inch to make the items so small! Don’t Panic has an interview with her.

…they told me about the magical star sweater they needed – it would have to sparkle. I went on a tireless thread quest for about a month – finding everything from stainless steel thread to paintable sparkles and then set about knitting swatches and sending them to Laika. None of them looked right on screen and because of a time issue, it was looking like my hopes of making something for this wonderful project were fading. In fact, at one point, they told me that they were going to have to start shooting soon and would not be able to wait for me to find the right combo of threads.

Soon after that email my mom came over with some holographic thread and said, “Althea, I really think this will work on the sweater for Coraline.”

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