Friday, September 4, 2009

I own a pumpkin farm.. and how it relates to minis

Yes, a pumpkin farm is also part of my life. Already over 200 hundred have been picked, cleaned, cured and ready to be sold. I am sure in the field, there are over 2-3,000 pumpkins. Because this was a year of rain- the pumpkins have developed to be perfect in shape,color and size. As always you have HUGE ones too. The pumpkins are truly mean perfect in shape for carving and decorating.

On October 2-3 - is the "Incredible Food Show" is being held in Lexington at Rupp Arena. ( Oh, yes, Bobby Flay is will be there too) Because the farm is part of the Kentucky Proud program, we were invited to participate as the only people bringing in pumpkins.. Kentucky Proud is sponsoring our booth, add to that other fall produce and our beautiful indian corn ( again hundreds of ears are being picked and readied). A young couple getting married in October have asked for 100 ears for their wedding has a fall theme, a school group will be visiting to pick out their own pumpkins , for its first year in operation I think the pumpkin farm is a success story already.

The official sign maker (me) was very busy earlier this week and is anxious to see the set up being created in 2 locations and sales will begin this evening.

Now ,how does this relate to miniatures..
well, a year ago at Hobby Lobby, I found the perfect 1:12 scaled black 1940/50's pickup truck- just like one would use on a farm. Of course I am working on making it look like it is loaded up ready for the Farmer's Market, surrounded by PUMPKINS!!! I am building a special 4 sided glass box being built from picture frames and will turn the entire box then into a lamp. My miniature club is doing this as a project. Again- it may take 6 months to get it finished but this is one project I will post pictures as I make progress.

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Sandy Kessler said...

ever so cute take pictures of your pumpkins selling !!