Monday, June 14, 2010

Workshop in Carmel, Indiana

My Saturday Retro Kitchen Workshop 1/4" scale.
These two pictures show you what the completed project will look like.

Arriving and getting set up for a fun day!
This is my Michigan NAME New Member Welcome Chair, Vicki.
What a great friend.

More friends.....
Suzanne- one of the founders of the Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections, Inc. of Carmel, Indiana. A museum of the best miniatures, that leave you inspired and in awe. To her right is NAME headquarter staff member, Kim and to Suzanne's left is Marilyn. Marilyn is a member of Suzanne's club , volunteer at the museum and guru of the museum's fall exhibit/show and sale help in September in Indianapolis.

Making sure our kits have all the components. More friends.

This is Toni, another important NAME headquarter staff member-

I was thrilled to be surrounded by friends, and all oh, so talented. Left to right Helen, Dolora ( my Michigan State Representative, Kim and Rhonda. Did I mention I am the NAME A-3 Region - Regional Coordinator?
Workshop instructor Luci Hanson, creativity and talent all the way from Oregon.. A great instructor for a great project. In mid June I head to Seattle for the National NAME Convention.

Kitchens were available in the retro pink, harvest gold, avocado ,white and turquoise. Rhonda, the diva of shabby chic selected pink!

Here we are- members came from Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana to enjoy a day of friendship
and fun!

After holding the 1/4" scale retro kitchen in my hands, I quickly realized this past Saturday, that this scale takes some getting use to- first of all, my contacts were changed quickly to my glasses.
This wonderful workshop was conducted by NAME member and board member , Luci Hanson of Oregon . I am proud to say that with wonderful help, wonderful attendees and the fantastic new room of the Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections, Inc located in Carmel, Indiana
this was a first. The first time such a workshop was held in the museum and sponsored by the A-3 Region of NAME.
I came home amazed at the size of this kitchen, pondering how to give the room its touches of realism all in 1/4 inch scale.
These pictures take you from beginning to the end of the day. Give me a week or so and you shall see the completed project.


Ascension said...

Que maravilla de cocina, parece mentira que sea 1/4.
Enhorabuena a todas han quedado genial!!
besitos ascension

Minnie Kitchen said...

looks like so much fun!