Saturday, June 26, 2010

Miniature flowers- a time of patience

I had the opportunity to participate in a miniature floral workshop being taught by NAME member, Barb Bo of Kentucky. I must tell you, I learned that a wisp of glue, needle nose tweezers and patience are much required. There is no doubt in my mind, miniaturist who create such flowers are truly artists . A sense of color, botany make that miniature artist one we should admire .
My project - slow going- but once you get "the hang of it" brings you a sense of relaxation and wonderment as the arrangement begins to come alive.
Thank you ,Barb ,for a delightful day....

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May said...

I admit that patience is needed to make amazing flowers and plants.
But in your case, the result has been worth it. You have been wonderful, they seem real.
Congratulations on the result has been a mini you beautiful garden.
Kisses May