Saturday, July 4, 2009

3 days of wandering Indiana and being bubbly

To reminisce is grand, I have just returned from seeing friends and family-bringing home blueberry plants, books galore, flea market finds, fruits and vegetables from farmer's markets.
I was able to watch my youngest niece participate in a water polo match ( WINNERS!) , enjoy my hometown's firemen's festival/fair, visit my oldest niece in Indy, have a lunch with 2 of my dearest cheerleaders who 15 years later have grown into amazing people with careers, families and still make me smile and capture again my heart. Time with my siblings and their spouses is always special and then a phone call from my Army son, makes me once again know why the month of July is special and the 4th even more, for I am free to be able to reminisce and make more memories.


Sandy Kessler said...

excellent post

dora said...

Es bonito reencontrarte con cosas de juventud. Muy bonito lo que escribes.