Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do people in love still carve their initials into a tree?

Close your eyes and imagine that you're a teenager again. It's a summers day and you've wandered up the hill outside of town. You reach the old oak tree at the top where you can see for miles. There's nothing there but the old oak tree, tall grass, and a big blue sky. This is where lovers sneak off to to be alone. Do lovers still carve their initials in trees?

Now, why did I ever think of that question?

I am working on 2 miniature trees to be used as accessories for witches. As I was thinking about how tree bark is not really brown- more like gray/black, I walked outside ( yes, in the rain) to look at one of my trees. What a great ,beautiful tree it is, in fact a bird's nest had fallen out of it and was lying on the ground. I'm keeping the nest also, for something. I am intent on getting my miniature tree's bark the correct colors and I wondered-

Do lovers still carve their initials into trees?
Did I ever do that?
I have no idea if I ever did.. memories.. funny how some things in your life your remember , others are hidden away.

So, I have decided to make another miniature tree - making sure I carve initials in it. Maybe these trees will now become gifts , maybe a wedding gift ( how unusual a tree with their initials), an anniversary gift, an engagement gift, a birthday or just a "gift" gift. I really like this idea ..

I still smile when I think about "stuff " like carving initials in a tree, a heart locket with your picture and your true love's. I love charm bracelets ( I have four - started at different times in my life, my first was given to me in high school . I can remember why each charm on every bracelet was purchased or given to me, in some cases who bought it and why.) I love the fact that I have a red leather journal . Inside it , I have marked down "dates to remember" for years and years and when I reread it , I can actually go back in time and really remember what happened.

I also love a ring I have, it's a Purdue ring, the day I got it was a very special day in my life, that's why I bought it so I would have something to always remember that day. I still remember that day just like it was yesterday. But did I ever carve my initials in a tree?

So, back to my trees, some of the people in my life, don't be surprised if you get a tree with initials !

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Embracing life that's you Babette!!