Thursday, January 22, 2009

too much creativity ?

I have always had people, who really know me, say" You are so talented".
It can be a curse, really.. your brain never stops, you save everything, you sketch, you write a million notes in journals , you read and read, you multi task and you never ever feel settled.
If anyone other than my husband was allowed in my studio, they would look and say "Oh, my gosh!"
I honestly today think I have 12 projects going on and 16 in my brain..
if you look at the pictures I have posted it tells you, I am cursed.

SO today- you see where the curse has taken me- to getting ready for the Kentucky Derby!
Even though it is months away , one must have the correct hat. I think "The Oaks" ( the Thursday before the derby is the best). Now to find the dress /outfit to go with the hat.


DDELTEJO said...

It is a beautiful hat and I would love to see a photo of you with the whole KENTUCKY DERBY outfit on!

Joey and Kevin said...

Babette---send me an email and tell me did you make that hat? OMG--it is gorgeous!