Saturday, January 24, 2009


Why do ladies ( and I mean ladies in it's truest sense) no longer were hats?
Something about a hat means grace - style - an appreciation for beautiful things - don't we all look a second time at a women who wears a beautiful hat? or a simple hat ?
I have some of my grandmother's hats- some of my mother's hats - I love to wear a hat- last summer, I purchased the most simple black and tan summer woven hat, every time I wore it - someone truly stopped me and said, I love your hat!
A month ago , my husband with the help of our son, bought a "Humphrey" hat- it changed his whole demeanor - and I am amazed how his college basketball players have said " Coach, great hat!"
Now ,maybe that is what is wrong with the world- we all need to go hat shopping!

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i beati said...

great post and true I can just see you in THE HAT and KIRBY