Sunday, September 16, 2012

Indy Miniature Show

 I wish I could have stayed in Indy for another day but waiting for me at home is YES program work and an 18 county presentation to be made on Wednesday. I was thinking this morning about what this trip meant to be, doors of life are always 
closing and opening for me. I shut one door and twenty doors opened. For I shut one door on Friday, nineteen doors opened on Saturday. 

Thanks to all who opened doors of opportunity for me.

A special thanks to the person who informed me this, " You are stuck with me",
You have more than opened a door for me, in a magical way you let me shut a door and throw away the key.
Thanks for the voicemail message, 150 or more times.
Because as days, weeks and years go by, we are gonna be stuck with each other. No name is needed to be mentioned, for you know who you are. I just wanted to publicly post my thanks . OXOX Thank you.

I had a wonderful trip, with my cup of coffee, I am sitting here smiling inside and happy.

A town I love, Indianapolis, Indiana. I will always be a Hoosier Girl!
After I took this exit, I made a decision that I will never, ever regret.
I always find driving time, especially when you are alone,to be the best thinking time ever to
make decisions, adjust your journey in life.
Self talk comes from your heart and never - ever has steered me wrong. 

Here I am with my dear friend, Marion along with Milton Beeman the 91 year old builder of the doll house in this picture . the doll house was then donated to the Museum of miniature houses and other collectibles located in Carmel Indiana to be used in raising funds for this museum. Can you guess whose car back seat transported this doll house home? The show was fantastic and loved being able seeing so many friends and catching up on news.

These are two of my past NAME state representatives, Marigenne and Marcia, I adore them and our hugs of greeting were strong and warm. I felt hugs all Friday evening and Saturday. Talk about friends who have taken a journey, more like a 100 journeys in life. Love you , ladies!

My exhibit.