Monday, June 25, 2012

Here comes July

How can the summer be flying away so fast?
I just returned home from a wonderful trip to Indiana.. sharing time remembering... being a Sigma Chi sweetheart.. thank you , Kirby! Kirby is one of the founding members of this fraternity , who were celebrating their 50 year reunion. The activities and were events were as "classy" as all of these Sigma Chi men are.  Oh, yes, my son Jay is a William and Sigma Chi .
I returned home to this week being our local county fair.. so I am off in about 30 minutes to enter miniatures into their miniature categories.
Upon my return home- it is to work on NAME convention - GALA, Auction, Estate table, roundtable kits, gift exchanges, it is time for me to begin getting things packed and organized as traveling to Charlotte, N.C. is not so far away!
Oh, yes, July 1- I open the doors to the Youth Enrichment Services of Mid Kentucky , I am still trying to believe that this agency is mine.  
Off I go attacking a very busy day!    

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