Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Roundtable kit from Cleveland Convention

The NAME 2011 National Convention held in Cleveland was a whirlwind of activities. One of my favorite events held is the " Roundtable Kit" sale. $5 kits are created and sold by NAME convention attendees. Kits sold have gone through a selection process and every kit is a unique one.  Many of the kits sold at the event will be available to purchase through a in the near future issue of  NAME's " Miniature Gazette" magazine.

I offered a 1" scale retro record player kit. I want to share with you the completed project done by  NAME's 1st Vice President , Cary Yerves.

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Daphne said...

Hello Babette! *hug*
It was so good to meet you last weekend!
I LOVE this little turntable.
This week I am getting the kids off to school - as soon as I get that off my plate I can get down to business and get my NAME membership going and catch up on promised emails ;)