Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy month of March

I have been extremely busy preparing for the NAME National convention to be held in Cleveland this July.
I will be speaking at the main Theme Dinner about my collection of over 4,000 Little Golden Books and how I married a song, a little golden book with a miniature.

Each person who attends my dinner will receive as a souvenir gift a miniature pedal car which appears in one of my favorite little golden books.

My miniature club has also been busy working on their centerpiece for the convention- at the closing brunch held on Sunday of the convention, a lucky person at each table wins the centerpiece.  The convention theme this year is " With a Song In My Heart" so our centerpieces will be so different as every maker of a centerpiece has selected one of their favorite songs to recreate in miniature.  The club members have also been helping me with making 500 gifts- a gift for every convention attendee.

Those times together are what NAME is all about sharing but for me it is much more- these ladies have become my sisters.

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