Friday, November 26, 2010

My holiday ornaments - the search for....


My entire main Christmas tree is covered with Christopher Radko ornaments.
I search all year round for the perfect ornaments which have a special meaning to our family.
I givce ornaments all year long as gifts to my dearest of friends and family.
My son gets an ornament every year- now at the age of 27 - his own tree has quite the collection- a Caesar, a bar b que grill, Sigma Chi Fraternity, Cigar, White House, Wren House from College of William and Mary, basketball shoe, Deck of Cards, just to name a few- all beautiful glass -hand painted ornaments some are Radko, but all have the Radko look ..
My two nieces have received ornaments from me all the time  I hope these are special ways of remembering  them of something in their lives. I often think of what their trees will look like in their own homes.

I give ornaments for weddings, ornaments for birthdays, ornaments for graduations, ornaments for just about every occasion one could think fact I leave a tree up all year round- the ornaments just change with the time of year.

SO this is the Radko ornament I am looking for .... Alice's Tree..... where are you?

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