Thursday, December 24, 2009

A priceless christmas miniature gift

I was very fortunate to be the recipient of this wonderful rocking bear made by my dear friend, Roberta. She is a member of my Bluegrass Miniature Society Club of Lexington and is a remarkable miniaturist.
Christmas sometimes brings you a gift, that leaves you speechless, well, this little rocking bear left me with no words. Just awe! I shall truly cherish this gift forever.
Roberta, also, shares my love for wonderful music that somehow reaches into your mind.. takes you often to a tranquil place, to happiness, brings back memories. Music can make you laugh, make you cry and I say, "wish upon a star". I must thank her also, for sharing with me the music of Chris Botti.. I have added some of his music here for you to listen to.

Roberta, thank you for making this a special Christmas. The music and this rocking bear have reached into my soul and I am so very thrilled to say you are my friend. I cherish your friendship. To all the ladies of my miniature club, I say "thank you" I cherish each of you and our friendship- what a wonderful group of ladies they are. My love to all of you!

Happy Holidays one and all and may you receive that gift that leaves you speechless. What a wonderful feeling.

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