Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lexington 's "Southern Lights" Exhibit

My miniature NAME club - " The Bluegrass Miniature Society" of Lexington, Kentucky
will be part of the upcoming " Southern Lights" event held during the holiday
season at the Kentucky Horse Park

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This year I am taking my "Bluette" building. I won this beautiful building/dollhouse in a raffle during the NAME Virginia Region Houseparty Day several years ago. When I saw this building, I gasped and when I was told Bluette really made this building I just stood there in awe. I have always known , I could never sit in a class for more than 2 days and build such. I get the squiggles. But this was my opportunity to win such, a few people know how many tickets I bought- yes, I bought alot! I ohhhhh so wanted this building. The story to winning it is great, at first I did not win it. Another lady stepped up with the winning ticket - but after checking- she did not have the right number on her ticket. A mad look at my tickets and YES, it was MINE!!!! I danced, I know I did.

Bluette's signature is on the backside and dated 08/01.
I thought for almost a year- what am I going to turn this elegant building into?

After moving to Kentucky , while watching a documentary about the Kentucky Derby, I knew the building was to become an elegant Kentucky Derby Hat Shoppe. It may take me forever to furnish the inside and find all the elegant hats/furnishing and style of Kentucky but I have begun.

I purchased two hats at this year's NAME convention in Indianapolis. The hat shown in the picture was made by Lori Potts. The Bespaq furniture was just purchased a few weeks ago at the Columbus Miniature Society show from the estate of Frank Lerner. I had wanted these furniture pieces and in fact ,if you refer back to several blogs - you will see two blue chairs in a restaurant in France that I found and loved. To my delight, at this miniature show, I found them - in pink but they are exactly what I wanted.

I have no name yet for the shoppe , nor do I know exactly how I will place the furniture /accessories but that is part of the fun of being a collector/a miniaturist. The building as shown will be on display - hopefully, next year at this time, it will return to the exhibit with many more hats, a few more pieces of furniture and will begin to show the elegance of shopping for a derby hat!

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Raggedy Kingdom said...

What a pretty house. I am sure it will be perfect as you invision it. Acquiring the items for a miniature building is such fun.

I love your site. Check it frequently.