Monday, March 9, 2009

What a story! 2 ewes were to give birth day- Kirby goes into the barn- ( both expecting ewes are in the same pen) he sees a baby lamb- black and TINY TINY- ( 4 pounds) both ewes are cleaning up the baby as it has just been born.. Kirby opened the gate to the pen that is called the jug- where you take baby and mother to bond.. he places lamb in pen and mama #1 follows into the pen and immediately is cleaning up the baby and in a sheeps way talking to her baby, Mama #2 pays no attention.
2 1/2 hours later Mama #1 - in jug gives birth to another lamb a 10 pound boy... 20 minutes later another boy - 8 pounds is born to mama#1- then the story gets interesting- Kirby notices Mama #2 has shown signs of having given birth.. well, to make a long story short- MAMA #1 has stolen black baby girl as her own ( we now find out that mama sheep do that) and MAMA # 2- was abandoning her baby ( and we knew that happens sometimes) WHAT A DAY..
mama #1- can she supply enough milk for 3 ?????? We might be doing some supplemtal feeding and what will happen to MAMA#2 whose body thinks she had a baby but no baby is nursing

JUST A TYPICAL DAY in the meadow with the sheep... ( not much else got done today except all of us standing in amazement at this story.
but all are doing well

pictures are attached of the "triplets?" and the 9 day old, Molly and Danny - who are a scream!
I bet you all wished you lived with the Overmans

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