Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ice Storm of the century!

8 days without power.. the night time sound of tree limbs crashing - the crackle of ice, layers and layers of ice to the point of where a blade of grass has a circumference of 3 inches, it rained freezing rain for 2 days straight-
luckily we have a fireplace, plenty of oil lamps, lots of food, ice chests to save the refrig/freezer food, lots and lots of firewood. many quilts that both of my grandmothers had made,
BUT ,we were not ready for the 24 inches of water that appeared in our newly finished basement family room. The local volunteer firemen came to the rescue, pumped the water out for a period of about 4 hours, left a generator until we were able to locate one in northern Indiana. Dear, dear friends found it for us, as everyone in a 3 state area had sold every generator. We drove half way- they drove half way and we were in business to prevent any more flooding.
Over 500,000 people- 120 counties here in Kentucky have been in the dark- that does not include many more on smaller electric companies throughout the state.
Here are a few pictures of what I saw- today the sun shines, the ice melted in the wonderful 46 degree weather that Sunday brought us, making the task of returning power a bit more difficult to the repair crews as more limbs took down lines as the ice melted and the broken limbs came crashing down . Everyone has pitched in to help each other out EXCEPT for my neighbors across the street- who were the ones who had power for some unknown reason never offered any one
a hot cup of coffee- a shower- a "can we help in anyway"- they stood in their front door and watched as the firetrucks arrived and helped save our basement. A young couple who someday will need a favor from someone close by- will any of us help?


i beati said...

I have been hearing about this - but the pictures make it real - big ice-harrowing times- those .quilts endure to hold in the body heat I'm sure.I read where one man stood in line for his neighbor 3 hours because his neighbor had done the same for him--what caused the water - better than frozen pipes maybe- I lost many flowers here.but they will return..and the sheep????

DDELTEJO said...

My prayers are with you and Kentucky! The photos are great and made me shiver!
AS for you neighbor, you are better then they are and YES you would help if needed. You are far better then they are....AND THEY WOULD FEEL GUILTY AND THAT IS THE WORST THING TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH.